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How to play Spangler's SCRUTINY with the Classic Set of cards only

Setting - print out on blue paper to make blue cards

Characters - print out on pink paper to make pink cards

Plot - print out on yellow paper to make yellow cards

Theme - print out on green paper to make green cards

DIRECTIONS: The best way to play the game using the Classic set of cards only is to play in the fomat of the T.V. show "Jeopardy".

1. Make a pocket poster board with the 4 story elements as categories at the top of the columns. In each column, there should be 4-5 pockets, each with a different point value assigned to it.


Simply draw a grid on the chalkboard with 4 columns with squares or cirlces with point values under each column heading.

2. Divide the class into 4-5 teams.

3. To begin, each team should send a represntative up to the front of the room.

4. The Teacher should allow 1 student to pick the category and the point value of the question to be read. ( Example: setting for 20 points)

5. The Teacher should then read the question. The student who first calls out his/her name should be allowed to answer.

6. If the student is correct, his/her team gets the points the question was worth. If not, the Teacher may choose to allow the other students a chance to correctly answer the question and recieve the points.

7. After the score is posted, the students should return to their teams and send up a new representative.

8. The teacher may choose to let the student from the team who answered the last question correctly choose the next category and point value of the new question.