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Comprehending Non-Fiction has become the focus of many standardized tests. In Florida, non-fiction questions make up at least 60% of the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test)in grades 6-8. Are your children prepared? Would they know how to interpret the facts presented?

Why not give them the edge and use Spangler's Scrutiny Non-Fiction games?


All texts used in the games are public domain texts. This means there are no copyright restrictions and you can make as many copies of the text as you desire. When you order a game, one copy of the text that the game is based on is included.

All non-fiction question cards cover the 4 story elements using Bloom's Taxonomy and game boards are identical to that used for the fiction games. If you already own a Spangler's Scrutiny game board, you can use it with these non-fiction cards too!

More to Come!


Classic Set: (1 card set for 1 text): $20 U.S. Dollars

Single Set: (1 set of cards and 1 game board): $25 U.S. Dollars

Available to order July 12, 2002

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